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World of Tanks Assistant and WGTV. Now together!

tank commander!

Many of you know that in one of the previous versions of WoT Assistant for Android, we have added “Tankovedenie” which gives detailed information about each model technology. But few know that not so long ago, there was one more application – WGTV, allowing to plunge into the world of video Wargaming!

Progress does not stand still, and it’s time to combine these projects. At this time found the ideal formula: World of Tanks Assistant + WGTV = video “Tankovedenii”! For the preparation of this cocktail need World of Tanks Assistant v. 1.8.3 and WGTV v. 1.4.0.

installs everything on your smartphone, run WoT Assistant and go to the “Tankovedenie” or in the statistics section on technology. Now tanks, which have a video on the official YouTube-channel Wargaming, displays the corresponding icon. Hit – and voila! All videos on this tank – and this historical information, and invaluable guidance, and videos from the players – will be at your fingertips. No more wasting valuable time searching for the right video, WGTV do it for you!

But that’s not all! Now from WGTV, of course, you can go to WoT Assistant just one touch by simply clicking on the button “Tankovedenie” next tank you are interested in the section “Techniques in this video.” Detailed study of the performance characteristics of the tank, compared with others, or to see friends who played on it, it’s even easier!

Download and enjoy!

Changes World of Tanks Assistant 1.8.3

  • Added the ability to view video from the selected technology by integrating our application c WGTV. Access to an invaluable tutorial video has become even easier and more convenient. ( Only RU-region. [1,999,056])
  • In chronicling the added ability to monitor the participants of his clan.
  • Other improvements and stability improvements.

Changes WGTV version 1.4.0:

  • Integration with World of Tanks Assistant! Go to the detailed characteristics of the tank is now possible directly from WGTV, by simply clicking on the button “Tankovedenie” for information about favorite video.
  • Like the review of technology? See all videos for this tank, clicking on the “About this video”.
  • Minor improvements.

His comments and suggestions about the application’s World of Tanks Assistant you can leave in the special forum thread .

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