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[1,999,006] Tankers!

[1,999,006] has already managed to break in technique in team battles in ladders? It is time to seriously look at the achievements of his team – in fact directly depends on getting into the league Wargaming. This will help the new version of World of Tanks Assistant 1.9, which contains all the basic statistics about the teams in the ladder: information about the place in the league and the number of points in the league and division, as well as a list of the personnel. Pick brothers-in-arms in the fight for the top of the ladder!

For owners of the devices on the Android platform, we have prepared an updated design briefs. All of the most important parameters are now gathered in one place. Fans will appreciate the graphs an entire section with clear information on the experience gained, the damage done, the destruction of equipment and much more. Incidentally, the above-mentioned statistics on battles in the ladder is now also available in a summary.

A user devices running Windows Phone, in addition to these innovations awaiting minor update design.

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