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Time clan wars on Windows Phone!

With the release of the new World of Tanks Assistant v1.8 in the application appeared detailed information on the global map and the map of the current game event. At your disposal – Walk of Fame , a complete list of clans and provinces, as well as detailed information about them: from the owner to the neighboring provinces and prime time.

choose province to capture ? World of Tanks Assistant – an indispensable tool in this case. Search provinces are incredibly simple and easy. At your disposal – filter by region and type of provinces, various sorting and search by name.

  • read fluently with the best clans on various parameters.
  • Learn the position of any clan in all available ratings.
  • Study the list of the top 100 clans for different types of ratings.

If you want to participate in landing tournament ? Simply select the start or rebellious province of the region of interest and sort them yield to compete for the best tidbit card. If you already own province – open it in World of Tanks Assistant, to plan expansion. Short list of neighboring provinces, with their profitability will help you make the right choice. You can also view a list of all clans – the participants in the war on the Global map or a map of the current events of the game.

Swing WoT Assistant and develop a clan!

Changes in version 1.8:

  • Time clan wars! Global map and a map of the gaming events right at your fingertips. Everything from the Walk of Fame to detailed information about the province!
  • Additional graphics on Exhibit player, as well as detailed statistics on the tank.
  • The ability to add quotes to your favorites.
  • Other improvements.

Your comments and suggestions help developers to continually improve the program. Share your opinion about the application can be Offline .

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