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Each game has its purpose: to save the princess, defeat the enemy, to collect all the possible rewards. Before the players World of Tanks Blitz has two main objectives. The first is obvious – it is a victory. The second goal – is at least one combat vehicle X level in the hangar.

What is the tank level X? What are the benefits its owner? The highest level of a good technique? FAQ – below!

always in the “top”

Have you ever complain that your tank got in a fight to the technique on two levels above you? Get a “top ten”: machines that level always fall into the “top”. You will never meet an opponent who is stronger than you, either you play on equal terms with other “tens” or get into a fight to the weaker technique and feel like a real monster, wrecking enemies right and left.

You do not have to explore additional modules: most X tank level fall under your command in complete set:
World of Tanks Blitz. Игра на высшем уровне

great strength – it is a big responsibility

The level of the tank depends on the combat characteristics and capabilities that he gives to his commander. If the car hit the X level, so it has the most powerful weapon, the strongest armor or better running performance.

Playing on the X level, that you decide the outcome of the battle, it is your contribution to the victory of becoming the most tangible. Any errors – and defeat is much closer, and the right decisions are to victory.

Tanks and Tank Destroyers tenth level – a new game experience. You will learn how to control the most powerful technique in the Blitz. And most importantly – you’ll learn how to overcome these “monsters” by playing the weaker technology.

Of course, if you are afraid of liability, playing “ten” is not for you. But if you want to learn how to win on their own, and not by coincidence, do not hesitate to go to the X level. This technique teaches instantly analyze the military situation and quickly make the right decisions.

Do you want a clan? Prepare the “top ten”!

In the foreseeable future, World of Tanks Blitz will be clan system, but now the players are united in community and hone their skills in the game, the shutter setting.

World of Tanks Blitz. Игра на высшем уровне

If you want to be part of a strong team and played, it’s time to get at least two combat vehicles X level. After all clans – a team of the best and most skilled players, and without the “tens” (preferably more) of the clan will do nothing.

If you do not play on the technique of X level – you have not tried the most “delicious” part of the World of Tanks Blitz.

Get to the top of the tank Olympus and feel the real power of the most powerful, protected and mobile combat vehicles in the game!

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