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EC-7 – the most popular X tank level and one of the symbols of World of Tanks Blitz. The first machine X level in the majority of tankers – that IS-7. So the success of “rover” owes its advantages:

strong frontal armor in the form of “pike nose” and virtually impenetrable tower;
side skirts;
versatility on the battlefield and the perfect balance of mobility and armor protection;
high damage per shot.
But EC-7 – is not only good performance. EC-7 – is the awesome appearance. Take a look at this tank: the machine gun on the rounded tower bends frontal armor, pointy nose – tank looks really invincible.

World of Tanks Blitz. Как насчёт прокачать ИС-7?

Watch how IP-7 smoothly “irons” the battlefield – a pleasure. This heavy tank would have to be in your hangar. And so you will have reached the goal, we have prepared some useful tips.

There are “Seven” – with pleasure

A branch of IP-7 can be called one of the most comfortable in the game. In the wild beast MC-1 and IS-7 stately stand 8 tanks. Most of them you want to leave in your Angara: the temptation to recall former HF-1, IP-3 and other tanks will be very great.

But these machines, you first need to get, because the path to the JS-7 begins from the second level. Especially for you, we figured out which modules in these tanks is important to investigate, and what you can skip to accelerate progress toward the goal. Let’s start!

Start threads: light and medium tanks

World of Tanks Blitz. Как насчёт прокачать ИС-7?

Research Machines II-IV levels requires very little experience: you will pass these tanks are literally dozens of fights. Therefore, in order to save them it is not necessary to install additional equipment, the T-26 can quickly pass even without equipment.

To accelerate progress on the branch and can be due to some modules. For example, to switch from T-26 to T-46, you can study without motors, chassis and towers. And to get to the middle of the T-28 – without learning tools, chassis and engines.

The T-28 is open 57-mm cannon ZiS-4. Everything else – at your discretion. But the engines will have to pass everything through them, you can get to the next turn – KV-1.

Go to the heavy tank

World of Tanks Blitz. Как насчёт прокачать ИС-7?

KV-1 – the first heavy tank in a branch. Since it opened two roads: via CV-1C EC-7 and through the T-150 to EC-4. If you are planning in the future to pay attention to the IS-4, leave the KV-1 in the hangar or open the T-150 in advance.

On the KV-1 should open the tower and one of the weapons:

122 mm U-11 – high damage landmine, low accuracy, long recharging.
57mm Project 413 – a low loss, high accuracy, excellent rate, acceptable armor penetration.
85mm F-30 – high damage armor-piercing projectile, the average accuracy and reload good armor penetration.

Each gun KV-1 well in their own way: Make a choice to your taste, and save the rest of the arsenal of experience.

World of Tanks Blitz. Как насчёт прокачать ИС-7?

Starting with the KV-1S reduce the time due to the pumping module is more cautious: the experience to the next tank already requires quite a lot. It is not necessary to suffer for “katabatic” tank to fail and his team. Save perhaps that will turn on the engine and chassis.

It is particularly important to study the KV-1C instrument D2-5T: you will need it in the next tank. This is one of the most powerful weapons at the VI level, but reloading in D2-5T long enough – more than 20 seconds without any additional hardware and equipment. But a good armor penetration, and a one-time loss of 400 units worth it!

opened and bought the IP, you will rejoice that investigated D2-5T advance: there will be only 12,000 to save the experience, to open the tower and once armed with this weapon. There is an option and better: in the past fights you can accumulate enough free experience to immediately investigate the tower and move to an effective instrument. Save on the way from the IC to the IC 3 can be on all the instruments, except for D-25T. To investigate whether the track and the engine – you decide.

Finishing line: to master the “schuchim nose”

World of Tanks Blitz. Как насчёт прокачать ИС-7?

IS-3 and its “big brother” IS-8 can be called a dress rehearsal for the IS-7 – in their characteristics and style of play, these tanks are very similar. To get from the IS-3 and IS-8, you will need 165,000 experience. Accumulating experience to the next tank can be at once – on the way you will not be nothing but guns have studied the D-25T.

However, this is not the best idea in the battle IS-3 is often a main pillar of the team, so the tank is necessary to get the most efficiency. Fully researched tank VIII levels will bring you much more fun and guarantees many successful battles. First and foremost, of course, learn an instrument BL-9.

World of Tanks Blitz. Как насчёт прокачать ИС-7?

On the JS-8 Explore the tower, go past the guns will not work, and the chassis and the engine can be skipped. But, as in the case of the IS-3, 250,000 experience to the next tank better place with maximum efficiency modules.

Cooking EC-7 to the battle [1,999,002]

When the path is passed, and a brand-new IS-7 shines in your hangar, do not rush to press the button “to fight!”. You go into battle on the machine X level, the victory depends on you, so you need to carefully prepare the tank – equip. You will need:

World of Tanks Blitz. Как насчёт прокачать ИС-7? Cannon rammer caliber.
World of Tanks Blitz. Как насчёт прокачать ИС-7? Stabilizer vertical lay Mk 2.
[1,999,088] Reinforced drive pickup.

This set of offsets for a long time, information tools. You can do a short stop for accurate shots and move again. Also Reinforced drive pickup can be replaced by improved ventilation. Then the set of equipment will look like this:

World of Tanks Blitz. Как насчёт прокачать ИС-7? Cannon rammer caliber.
World of Tanks Blitz. Как насчёт прокачать ИС-7? Stabilizer vertical lay Mk 2.
[1,999,097] Improved ventilation Class 3.

In the battle!

In order not to disgrace himself in the first fight in unfamiliar car, remember the basic techniques of the game on the IS-3 and IS-8:

– Properly use the “pike nose”. If possible, cover the lower part of the head-stones. If you protect the NLD is not possible, try to “dance” the body from side to side, the enemy was difficult to choose the point of failure.
– Do not get a diamond. The frontal armor of the tank is designed to take the shells directly. However, diamond can be used if you are hiding behind the forehead of the tank and forces the opponent to discharge your board.
– Be at the forefront of the attack. Do you have everything you need to successfully smash the enemy defenses. But alone break into the thick of enemy tanks is not necessary. It is best to follow the advice on any tank.
– Keep close to medium tanks. In IS-7 is good for the heavy mobility of the tank, but resist the maneuverability the T-62A or other medium tank difficult. Even if you destroy an enemy, it is your time to do significant damage. In a skirmish with an average tank, try to retreat to the obstacles that prevent the opponent to circle around you.
– Use the tower. Add between IP-7 and an opponent of a small hill or a rock was visible only to the tower, and will break your tank only a miracle.

wish you a successful and pleasant experience fighting on the IS-7. Maybe it’s your first “ten”, but there are other formidable machine. Try them: each has its own strengths and ready to please you victories.

(c) 2015 [1,999,117] Aces gg [1,999,119]

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