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Often when you go to a higher level of technique beginners tankers face a problem: the machine has been studied and loans to buy it, do not suffice. In this article you will learn how to earn more credits in the fighting and what you can save considerably.

Again in the battle!

is no secret that the main source of loans – standard fights and more effective a player fights them, the more will receive credit in the end. To begin with we shall understand what factors determine the final amount.

World of Tanks Blitz. Как получать больше кредитов participation in combat

For the fact of participation in the battle of the player is already receiving a fixed number of credits, which is independent of its combat effectiveness. This bonus is multiplied by the level of the tank, and with the victory of this amount is further multiplied by 1.85. That’s why winning is not only pleasant, but also very profitable.

World of Tanks Blitz. Как получать больше кредитов suffered damage

For each point of damage inflicted by the player gets credit Y, regardless of its level of the tank.
for any damage caused by fire, credits are awarded to the player podzhёgshemu technique.
When the shot boeukladki player caused an explosion, it is believed that it inflicted so much damage, how many points of strength left in the car at the time of the explosion.
When firing at someone else’s “light up” is charged 0,75 × Y loans for each downed a point of strength.
When an ally of the enemy shoots at you to “light up” You will be credited with 0,5 × Y loans for each damage they wrought. The greater the players ‘light’ tank, the less the credit received by each of them.
For destruction technology not accrue additional credits.

World of Tanks Blitz. Как получать больше кредитов Detection

For each first detected enemy tank player receives Z loans.

World of Tanks Blitz. Как получать больше кредитов Capture

During a successful base capture it all participating players will receive credits equally, regardless of the number of “invaders” and their contributions. In case of failure, as well as knocking down capture additional credits are not charged.

World of Tanks Blitz. Как получать больше кредитов Coefficient of profitability

This is an individual setting of each tank. All charges on each machine multiplied by the ratio of its premium technology W. At this rate higher.

World of Tanks Blitz. Как получать больше кредитов Premium Account

After all the calculations premium account loans increases revenue by 50%.

Note: credits are not charged if you are out of the fight and did not have time to log in again to the end, and your tank is not destroyed.

Need more loans!

Experienced tankers must have already come up with their “working” scheme, and for them the advice shown below will not be a revelation. However, there are those for whom a couple of these tips will be useful and will help in the future to save any amount of credit.

On what “Farm”?

Ironically, the purpose of credit accumulation is easiest to play on investigation techniques average levels, because the higher the level, the more shells and machine repair. Of course, most of all loans received premium appliances, because it is more profitable. Excellent candidates among premium cars will tanks VIII levels.

World of Tanks Blitz. Как получать больше кредитов
World of Tanks Blitz. Как получать больше кредитов

When selecting equipment for the “Pharma” pay attention to the cost of its maintenance. For example, armor-piercing projectiles KV-1C are quite expensive – 1025 Credit Unit.

What is not spent, it earned

During battles loans are spent not only to repair a damaged equipment, but also on the equipment and gear. To carry a dozen piercing projectiles with a must, but use – only in case of emergency. The same applies to the equipment, because after the fight is updated only if it was used.

Shares and combat missions

The game regularly hosts a variety of events, offer discounts on a particular technique. Special discounts to wait for equipment Level III makes no sense, however, buying a car IX-X level during such an action, you can save up to 610 000.

Every day you fall combat missions. Among the awards for their implementation across and loans. Carefully read the terms and regularly perform tasks you like.

World of Tanks Blitz. Как получать больше кредитов
World of Tanks Blitz. Как получать больше кредитов

There is at once

It took a round sum of loans “right now”? First, review the existing equipment in the hangar – the one where you will not play, you can safely sell. Secondly, in case of emergency it is always possible to exchange game gold for loans.

Slowly but surely

There is an excellent psychological technique to achieve something great and lasting. Set a goal and share her thoughts on the number of days for which you want to achieve it. Fulfilling every day a mini-problem, you automatically get close to the desired result. If there is a global goal, just play on your favorite technique for fun and try to rarely watch loans – if they accumulate unnoticed for you.

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