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familiar situation: the battle is over, a well-earned experience added to the treasury, and can not wait to check whether there is enough accumulated to improve next tank. But the tanker would not be a tanker, prior to the study had not looked at the characteristics of the new module. The main questions: how to spend experience in the first place and what benefits will bring a replacement module?

As a rule, the difference between the old and the new modules is easy to see in the performance
World of Tanks Blitz. Модули: тайное становится явным
Comparison tools KV-1C [1,999,002]

But it happens in a different way: you compare, for example, “the drain” and “top-end” tank driving and you see only one difference – the speed of rotation. The question arises: why to study this module? Why not put aside to experience something more useful?

, however, is not so simple as it seems: in addition to these features in the game client, each module has dozens of different settings. They are so numerous that display them on the screen of the tablet is not possible: then the game would have looked like a collection of engineering and technical documentation of vehicles. Hidden characteristics of some modules will be discussed in this article.

World of Tanks Blitz. Модули: тайное становится явным suspension

Perhaps this is the module that tankers reluctant to learn everything. To understand them simply because we see only some options. The main characteristic here – the speed of rotation of the chassis. She reports on how many degrees can turn a tank per second. Most military vehicles driving two: one you get with the tank, and another set after the study.

Take, for example, running a heavy Soviet tank T-150 – these modules do not differ practically nothing. They have the same weight and load capacity and the speed of rotation varies by only 1 degree. T-150 – the car is not the most mobile and agile, and hardly 1 degree significantly improve the situation. Then what is the meaning of the experience to spend on this undercarriage?

In fact, the behavior of the tank will change a lot. Here are the parameters of the running, which are not specified in the characteristics:

– Reservations tracks recorded in the damage model. If an enemy missile hits the board through a caterpillar, its armor works as a shield and reduces the chance of breaking the main armor, and in contact with the cumulative projectile can repay the damage.
– determines the strength of the caterpillars when they are shot down, and how much damage must be applied to disable them. The higher the strength of the running, the more you need to make an effort to immobilize the tank, especially if the opponent is trying to make a low one-time damage.
– The rate of repair affects the cooldown of caterpillars. The faster repair, the faster the tank will be able to move without the use of repair kit, and the greater the effect of the skill “Repair” and equipment “Toolbox with tools.”
– Permeability – this parameter determines the behavior of the tank on different soil types, which are all in the game Three: hard, medium and soft. The higher the permeability, the better the tank accelerates, turns and holds speed.
– The impact on the spread of the sight – the replacement chassis can reduce the spread of sight both in motion and at a turn on the spot. This means that you will spend less time to aim and shoot accurately.

Let’s see what actually happens with the characteristics of the T-150 in the replacement chassis.

– improve patency of 14% solid, 17% average and 20% on soft ground.
– The spread of sight when driving and cornering is reduced by 8%.
– The strength of the chassis to increase by 7 6%.

This is in addition to the already known to us at the speed of 1 degree rotation of the chassis. Should we are now wondering whether the chassis to improve the combat vehicles? Of course, me! We will not disclose all the secrets, but let’s say that a replacement of the running technique reduces the spread of the movement and rotation of 20%, a number of cars has increased the speed of repairing the tracks, and the dynamics of improving noticeable than when buying a new motor.

World of Tanks Blitz. Модули: тайное становится явным Tower

As well as running, towers often have small differences. In the game client, you will see that the tower machine adds strength points and increases the radius of the review. Often, the tower has to be changed to establish a “top” gun. But if such a need is not present, many tankers refuse to spend the experience to explore the tower. And in vain, because, like the chassis, the tower has some interesting hidden features:

– The number of rounds for each gun may be different. And if you are short of ammunition, the new tower can solve this problem.
– Reload speed gun when replacing the tower often markedly increased (provided that the instrument can be installed in both towers). For example, an instrument of 7,5 cm Kw.K. 40 L / 48 on the tank Pz.Kpfw. IV shoots 6.91 times per minute at the tower base and 7.46 times per minute at “top”.
– Variation of sight while rotating the “top” of towers is somewhat smaller and in combat this can be a critical parameter. – The spread of sight after firing also depends partly on the tower. This option is especially important for the rapid-fire guns, if sight is reduced for longer than recharging occurs, you will not be able to realize the full rate.
– Minimum scatter guns when changing tower in rare cases, can also be reduced.
– time information after upgrade Tower can be reduced.
– unmasking after shot – setting significantly changes the signature of the tank after the shot, which mainly depends on the caliber of the gun.

Towers heavy tank IS-8, according to the playing characteristics are absolutely identical. Further points of strength, no parameter is different, however by replacing IC tower 8 would be better not only on points of strength. Here is a small, but not excessive in combat changes:

– Firing guns will rise from 5 rounds per minute to 5.15.
– The spread of the sight of the turret reduced by 20%.
– Time information is reduced from 3.4 to 2.9 seconds.

Knowing about these changes, not to replace the tower is simply impossible. Of course, if you do not want to shoot more often, more and spend less time in aiming.

World of Tanks Blitz. Модули: тайное становится явным Engine

The benefits of the replacement engine is usually not in doubt: if the engine is more powerful, so it would be better to move the tank. It’s simple, yet tanker is encountered, for example, with engines heavy tank KV-3: B-5 and B-2IS. These modules are absolutely no different, and explore the second engine makes only what followed is a third, had clearly the best unit. However, you have already guessed that the engine also has hidden settings. They are not so much:

– The strength of the engine, like the chassis, affect the probability of failure.
– Speed ​​repairs also speaks for itself: the higher it is, the faster the motor will be restored after the damage.
– Engine significantly improves the speed of rotation of the tank.
– the risk of fire when hit. Parameter name speaks for itself, but, although it appears in engine performance, many tankers often do not pay attention to him.

Thus, the intermediate engine KB-3 improved:

– The engine will be 58% stronger, which means that it will be much harder to damage and damage.
– The rate of recovery of the engine will increase by 50%.

As you can see, is to improve the technique in any case, even if the replacement module seems to be absolutely useless: many hidden settings will play in your favor, and bring closer the victory. Good luck in your battle!

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