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At the beginning of the game, when under your command a tank I or II level, top of the tree studies seem remote and unattainable. But to get to the tank level X is not so difficult as it seems, though the novice tank officer separates from him a lot of fighting.

first stage. Preparation

Select a destination. First select a few tanks X level that you want to get one main and a couple of minor. As a secondary branch you move when your main tank of the main branch is engaged in combat.

The best choice for a beginner to be heavy tanks. Gameplay them slow, powerful weapons and armor, and a margin of safety to some extent forgiving. Medium tanks and Tank Destroyers more demanding of the players, so their development is better to start having some experience in the game.

Unification nodes. You may want to pump several tanks of various nations. It is a tempting idea in terms of variety in the game, but if you are aiming to get its first “ten” as soon as possible, then choose a primary and secondary tanks are best of one nation. The fact that the sites of many machines installed on a single nation different techniques. For example, examining the engine Tank Destroyers T28, you will discover this engine also for the PT-ACS T28 Prototype. This saves time and experience, thereby facilitating pumping.

Note the tree development. The diagram shows all the transitions from one tank to another. As a rule, they are straightforward, but there are exceptions. Sometimes you can “cut” the way and move on to the next branch, for example with the medium tanks to PT-ACS. Of course, the main tank level X you need to choose the shortest path.

World of Tanks Blitz. Цель — прокачать «десятку»
Before some machines can be reached by other branches

Learn everything you can about your tank. Machines one branch may be very different from each other. Before going into battle in the new tank, study its features and specifications. Read what they write about this technique other players in the forum, see the recording fights and video tutorials. Learn better from others’ mistakes, and enter into the battle – the most prepared.

second stage. Leveling

In order to promote the development of the tree you need experience and credits. Both resources are earned in battle. The higher your effectiveness in combat, the more experience and credits you will receive.

Playing in the platoon, especially with the more experienced player, you can often survive in the battle and achieve victory due to the concerted action.

World of Tanks Blitz. Цель — прокачать «десятку»
Premium account increases Experience gained and credits 50%. It seriously speed up pumping.

The speed or efficiency? In the study modules of the tank you can make an emphasis on the speed of research, bypassing of little modules, or to bet on efficiency. For example, the engine is running low or the addition to the characteristics can be ignored if they do not lead to the next tank in the branch. Treat guns and the tower is not recommended, as they critically affect your effectiveness in battle, and without a top gun in the high-level battles you will not only be a burden for the team, but get only the crumbs of experience and credits. However, remember that many of the modules have hidden characteristics, and your tank will be most effective in the fight only in the complete study of all nodes.

World of Tanks Blitz. Цель — прокачать «десятку»
Explore a top tool and to be effective, or suffer and save about 100,000 experience, having studied T110E5 directly? The decision is yours!

next for stocks and combat missions. To acquire the best equipment at a discount, and among the most valuable combat missions are those that are appropriate for the current level of the tank, as well as problems with the free experience as a reward.

free experience – is your salvation in difficult situations. And it can transfer both to premium and luxury (fully tested) tanks and a hoard in the fighting (5% of the total earned in combat experience becomes free). Accumulate free experience for the opening of critical modules, especially guns. If you have gathered plenty of experience, you can “jump” uncomfortable for you tank, without spending time on his pumping.

Get double experience for the first victory on the tank twice a day, especially in the main. Do not miss the action at x3 and x5 experience: it’s not only speed up your progress, and quickly fill up the piggy bank free experience. If you are “knocked» x5 and earned 5000 experience points, you will get more and 250 free experience.

Keep track of the balance of experience and credits. If you open the next tank, and loans it is not enough even with the sale of the previous one, it is an occasion to think about buying a premium account or a premium tank with increased earnings credit. In addition, credits can dig in the study technique IV-VI levels, which brings a good income and requires little credit for repairs and shells. It should be borne in mind that the war machines of the VIII level and above are not cheap to maintain, especially at low rates caused to / resulting damage. If the situation is reversed: the credits in abundance, but affected by the lack of experience – you should pay attention to the following:

play as often as possible in the main tank. Do not spray on a few branches at once.
extract the maximum value from the shares and bonuses from the “first wins.”
transfer of experience from other tanks in the free and use it in the general direction of pumping.

The goal is closer than it seems!

These tips are not a direct guide to action. Each player is free to choose its own strategy, based on his experience and style of play. We have gathered the most common recommendations for those who want to accelerate on the way to the coveted “top ten”. If you know any more tricks and secrets of pumping, share them in the comments.

Good luck on the way to X level!

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