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World of Tanks разрушает семьи?
Hi guys!

Today I want to tell you about the subject: “You , tanks and your family “

It’s no secret that a lot of girls, women and grandmother believe that ” Tanks “ – is a disease! I think now almost every family who has a computer and internet, he knows what it is. A lot of my friends complain that because of this game, just destroyed their relationships with loved ones. The most interesting is that the audience has no age limits. Adults who are simply lost in the vast virtual tank battles, forgetting about the loved one. The game is shareware, but still have to buy gold (or it can be earn free ), which in turn affects the well being of the family. Not to mention the wasted time!
Just a minor story, I want to take such direct and play minor chords good portal.
If you have any examples on this issue – share your experiences. Maybe you give useful. Thanks in advance for your participation!

Portal lady.tut.by under the heading “My happy story of divorce” has published the story of Catherine. [1999005 ]

Husband exchanged marriage off with “tanks”

Муж променял брак на игру в WoT It so happens that I married best friend, we met just a month and immediately began to live together, and on the night of December 31, he made me an offer, and six months later we were married.

I madly loved this man, it seemed that he, the one, the only and unique. After the wedding for a while everything was fine, and I could not believe his luck, but then gradually began to fade.

Before marriage I was living in the city and moved to her husband after the village where he lived with us and still his grandfather and, frankly, I found it very difficult to adapt. Husband lived in a familiar environment, in his life, nothing has changed, except for my appearance, but I changed everything: a new home, a new family, or a friend of the person next – everything is strange.

Her husband did not understand how hard for me to get used to it, but eventually I got used to the fact, moreover, I even started to like village life.

But at that moment there was a major problem: the husband began to play “Worldoftanks”. It seemed a harmless hobby as long as he did not spend all their free time and to invest significant money in the game. He ceased to pay attention to me, came to work in 15-16 hours, immediately sat down to play and play until midnight. So it was every day, even on weekends. We began to go to sleep separately, and her husband is not even embarrassed and quite possibly suit.

To all my requests and entreaties, he replied that it’s just a game that he had nothing to do in their spare time, and together watch a movie or take a walk with me he did not want.

The husband began to change before our eyes, became aggressive, cruel, stopped watching that says and does. Maybe this is my fault, I could not just talk to him, immediately frustrated and began to cry. He, like any man who did not like it, but I just could not in another, I do not know how to deal with it.

Her husband did not share my interests, I wanted to study, develop, and build a career and it suited all the way there, no progress and no plans were. He liked to go to work, come home from work, to play in the “Tanks”, go to bed and then go to work. His suit this way of life.

I would like us to do repairs in the house and was very happy when he agreed, but except promises nothing I saw in nearly three years of living together does not budge! I asked him to go to school, saying that would help him, but he would not, he did not need to.

To repeat, in some things, too, I was wrong. For example, I wanted all of my free time my husband spent with me, so we did everything together, but now I understand: because of his selfish nature I tried to deprive him of his personal time and space. Nevertheless, I myself gave him all. All that she could give.

I can not say that my life was hell, it was a lot of good moments, but we had very different goals and values ​​in life. We did not understand each other and did not try, so we decided that we would be better apart.

In February, I packed up and went back to Minsk, got a new job, rented a room, I try to start all over again … sad Of course, what happened exactly like because once and for all life, but … The bitter experience – the same experience.

I sincerely hope that the appointment of the person who will support me, to share my interests and not only listen to me, but also to hear.

History ridiculous eerily … And how are you?

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