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….or so the “Yole family” thinks in what is a thinly veiled PR article on the Chronicle portal. Check this out for giggles :) Thanks to whoever sent it to me… or did I find it somewhere? Can’t remember, sorry.

To quote the article:

The Yole family, Wade (48), Christine (45), Paige (17) and Cailyn (15) have been playing World of Tanks together for four years and they reckon it might be so.

I find this part really funny:

No, I don’t find any misogyny in WOT. This is because you really can’t tell the genders of the players. Unlike other games you can’t hear people’s voices or see anyone’s faces. There are no profiles or picture setups, it’s just a user name of your choice and that is the only information other players know about you. Wargaming is also really on top of it when it comes to protecting their players.

Totally friendly!


Anyone that says or types rude or inappropriate comments of any sort during a game can be reported and are immediately pulled up on and could be suspended from the game for several days.


Christine: I have found WOT to be very safe for an internet game. I have no issues about the protection of my girls whilst they are playing.


Well, at least they will learn some choice words :)

Q: Is the community family-friendly?
Wade: Yes, the community is extremely family-friendly. Many of the players are parents themselves and have families of their own that all play.


Just… read the article. I have no idea whether the people on the picture even exist, but it’s funny as hell :)

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