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tank commander!

We are pleased to announce the start of registration scale championship board game World of Tanks: Rush !

Series tournaments will be held throughout Russia and neighboring countries from 18 April to 11 May 2015. In the regional stage will attend 41 cities. Ten of the best players from each city will have the opportunity to participate in the final.

The main prize of the tournament: 25000 tank we and model tank for build on the scale of 1:35 with individual artistic paint! And that’s not counting prizes and souvenirs for the participants: stylish badges, mugs with symbols Wo rld of Tanks Computer mouse pad, unique promokarty a board game and a lot more. More about prizes regional stage you learn from news official group championship VKontakte .

Useful information:

Championship organized publishing Hobby World with the support of Wargaming. Finals will be held in Moscow in late May. The details we will inform later – stay tuned.

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