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In the past month we introduced you to the vanguard of the Chinese premium threads. These three premium tank wrapped decently kilometers on their tracks and are now calling on the battlefields of his fellow!

If you already had the opportunity to make war on the Type 64, then you imagine what these nimble destroyers and how much damage they can cause. Take a look at other Chinese light tanks of the dynasty, because they very soon appear in the game!


The Chinese branch is a curious hybrid combat vehicles borrowed from different nations. Initially, Chinese engineers have developed their own projects on the basis of the tanks received from France, the UK and the US. Later, they are influenced predominantly Soviet development – you will probably notice a feature at senior levels. Thus, the Chinese engineers had the unique opportunity to customize to suit your needs, to bring to mind and experiment with existing developments as they pleased. As a result, China had upgraded their arsenal to suit your requirements at the same time relying on machines already tested in combat situations.

World of Tanks Xbox. Китайская династия

dynasty: Light Tank

VAE Type B
M5A1 Stuart

The distinctive feature of the Chinese branch – a beautiful collection of light tanks. Most RT medium and high levels, which is already in the game, compensate thin and light armor damage drums. Apart from a few cars on Chinese light tanks, drums there, so their damage varies considerably. By this, however, it is possible to adapt, if properly used tremendous mobility of these tanks.

Thus, the speed of our newcomers amazing, but when you advance to senior levels, the vote and the power of their guns. With these not quick, but devastating cannons Chinese LT can combine roles as light and medium tanks. Larger opponents can do damage as a medium tank, but when you confront the enemy “fireflies”, your reload speed may be wiser to leave for help.

To the output of the light tanks prepare to adopt new tactics and styles of play. And that’s not all representatives of the dynasty!

are pleased to announce that on June 30, the game will be a full-fledged branch of the test machines in China! Let us work together on a variety of vzglyanёm medium tanks and deadly!


Chinese ST similar to the high-level light tanks: they are fast, agile and very reminiscent of their Soviet progenitors V level. As the promotion of research on wood medium tanks become a great book tower and with nothing comparable to the firepower of single shots. All these qualities are clearly visible on the example of a premium car T-34-3.

World of Tanks Xbox. Китайская династия

continuer DYNASTY: Medium Tank

Type T-34
Type 58

Although recharging these vehicles is not the fastest, but the commander will have to carefully choose the location for the shooting to compensate for small angle of declination of guns, the Chinese medium tanks have excellent maneuverability, good camouflage and powerful guns.

World of Tanks Xbox. Китайская династия

The characteristics of high levels of medium tanks like the Soviet T-44 and T-54, and they are able to shoot cumulative projectiles that penetrate perfectly flat thick armor.

The greatest threat to your enemies you’ll be in the middle distance. Carefully plan your shots wisely use the armored turret and do not let your display instrument failure!

Get ready to develop new game tactics to new technology. And that’s not all Chinese dynasty!

The time has come to introduce you to their older brothers – “bands”! On June 30, these brave fighters with reliable armor, good mobility and great guns can do under your command.


World of Tanks Xbox. Китайская династия

Chinese heavy branch, which we mentioned in the article “The Art of War” by the example of heavy tank 112 begins with an improved version of the Soviet IS-2, which has proven itself in the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Soviet tanks from the line IS-7 initially quite light and fast, and already as you progress through the levels become larger and heavier. “The Chinese,” but, in addition to the high rate of fire and a strong frontal armor retain good mobility in comparison with the heavy tanks of other nations.

These qualities will help you develop a tremendous strategic flexibility. In fact, in your hand there is a “heavy medium” tank, capable of playing both roles.

continuer DYNASTY: Heavy Tank

WZ-111 1-4

The Chinese heavy tanks have several unique advantages to their “colleagues” from other branches. They are very mobile, their cannon recharges quickly in comparison with other high-level heavy tanks, and front armor protects them strong. All this allows experienced commanders to quickly capture key positions on the map, and if necessary – to move quickly around the battlefield to support the team. This robust frontal armor and a decent defense towers allow all this time to keep the stock of points of strength intact.

World of Tanks Xbox. Китайская династия

As the levels become even more guns! Tank VIII level 110 is not inferior to the Soviet IS-3, and IX level WZ-111 boasts a 130 mm gun as the IS-7, the Soviet “ten”. Note that all these guns are capable of firing powerful cumulative projectiles with great breaks!

China Branch heavy tanks ends at 113, a squat machine with a nice spread of guns that shoots quickly enough to counter the flocks of medium tanks, and the strength of the TT is fully capable to absorb more than one enemy shot.

Like others of their “compatriots”, the Chinese heavy tanks can successfully play on the battlefield several roles: from support to hot clashes on the frontline. They will be a great complement to the powerful dynasty of the tank!

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