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Source: VK Express

Hello everyone,

just a couple of interesting numbers, as posted by the VK community, based on the data from SimilarWeb site. This data concerns the main worldoftanks.ru site, which is apparently the 74th most visited site in Russia and 28th most visited game site in the world.

– In January 2015, the number of visits on the portal is apparently 30,1 million people.
– average time spent on the site is 4 minutes 1 second
– one user views 3,37 pages on average
– bounce rate is 44,02

Out of those 30,1 million: 79,31 percent viewed only portal and news, 19,16 percent viewed also the forums and 0,23 percent viewed WoT Generals pages.

54,85 percent of the traffic for last 3 months on the site was direct, 23,34 percent from referrals, 17,13 percent from searches and only 2,08 percent from social networks. Of the searches, almost equally the same number came from google search and Yandex search. Of the social networks, most traffic (75 percent) came from Vkontakte, 18,6 percent from Youtube and only 2 percent from Facebook (followed by 1 percent from Twitter and Odnoklasniki).

Regarding the traffic, 2,35 percent of traffic came from advertising – the largest source are Google ads (Ukraine), followed by Youtube and Google ads (Russia).

Regarding the countries of the users:

67,65 percent of users is from Russia
18,67 percent from Ukraine
5,61 percent from Belarus
2,04 percent from Kazakzhstan
0,54 percent from Germany

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