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WoT 0.9.4


November 4 2014 game servers MMO games “World of Tanks” will not be available from 3:00 and 12:00 (MSC) since the specified time will be held for the production of the update WoT 9.4. Version will bring some changes.

1. Changes or regime change “fortified area.” Overview of changes, see here .

  • Construction of fortified areas and pumping it to level 10, inclusive.
  • Construction of buildings, producing reserves (bonuses), and pumping up to level 10, inclusive.
  • Ability to set the period for defense of his fortified area.
  • Ability to attack the fortified area of ​​the other clans.

2 . Changed format of team fights. The main goal – to do battle in this mode even more spectacular. Overview of changes, see here .

3. A new historical map “Stalingrad”.
Новая историческая карта Сталинград

Новая историческая карта Сталинград

Новая историческая карта Сталинград

Changelog Version 9.4


  • Added a new game card “Stalingrad”.
  • Changes made on the card and refinement “Komarin”, “robin”, “airport”, “Arctic”.
  • Improved performance on the map “Vindstorm.”
  • Fixed visual models of some objects surrounding .
  • Fixed inconsistencies visual models and models of damage in some objects environment.
  • Fixed some cases of “bailout” of tanks upon arrival in some objects environment.
  • At the time when Game servers are not available, makes it possible for the release of update 9.4 – you can go to playandroidapp.com/igry/prikolnye and download fun games. There are paid apk files for phones and tablets on the android. Try it!

“fortified area”

  • Made improvements and changes in the mode of “fortified area.”

“Team Deathmatch”

  • Changed format of team fights (7/54 instead of 7/42, changed conditions victory).


To test participants cupertesta tanks added:

  • German medium tank VIII level Panther mit 8,8 cm L / 71.
  • American Tank Destroyers VIII level M56 Scorpion.
  • German light tank level II Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. D.
  • Soviet heavy tank level X “Object 260”.
  • German medium tank T-IX level of 55 NVA DDR.
  • American Tank Destroyers VII level T28 concept.
  • German Tank Destroyers V level StuG IV.

Changing military equipment

      Fixed some problems and shortcomings of visual models of tanks: SU-100, IS-7, JagdPanther, M24 Chaffee, T37, LTTB, Ru 251, Centurion 7/1, KV-85, M5 Stuart, M3 Lee.

Fixed a damage model tanks: M24 Chaffee, the KV-85.

  • Fixed display of camouflage on tanks Tiger II and E 100.
  • Fixed names towers PT-ACS T67.
  • Change parameters of the T-34-3: decreased recharge time from 14.4 to 13.4 with 25% reduced scatter when you turn the tower.
  • Change parameters PT-ACS AT 15A: strength increased from 850 to 1050 units, the maximum level of fighting is reduced to VIII.
  • Fixed coefficients camouflage T-54 lightweight.
  • Damage 122 mm projectile UOF-471BM increased from 465 to 530 units.


Game Soundtrack

  • Improved the sounds of destruction techniques ram.
  • Improved sounds destruction “explosive” objects.
  • Fixed a bug due to which interrupt the playback sound of the engine in places where tanks.

Other fixes

  • Fixed a bug which caused decreased performance when displaying some HD-tanks.
  • improve the quality and optimized performance rendering of shadows.
  • Slightly Improved rendering performance of the frame on most configurations.
  • Optimized performance of some elements of the combat interface.
  • In setting the graphics returned option on / off triple buffering.
  • Fixed appearance of graphical artifacts after changing screen mode.
  • Fixed some “hangs” and “crashes” the game client.
  • Changed conditions dps torn tank turret.
  • Fixed incorrect operation of the talus in some cases (ointment to the KV-5 and t. n.), when damage does not across the board, and through the group reservation at the bottom of the tank.
  • Fixed accounting conditions slip in some serial medal.
  • Fixed a condition of receiving Medal “Huntsman.”
  • redesigned game menu invoked by pressing the Esc .
  • The list of names of soldiers.
  • From selector fights removed the item “Historic battle. “
  • Reworked some of the effects of shells falling at the surface.
  • Fixed some flaws in the interface and gameplay in the” fortified area. “
  • Fixed the increase in the size of markers on the mini-map disproportionately increase the mini-map.
  • Fixed problem with blocking platoon chat channel when you create a platoon.
  • Fixed appearance of desertion windows when leaving the viewing record of combat.
  • Fixed text link Chat in the companies.
  • Fixed “freeze” the search box at the mouth creating a platoon.
  • Fixed crash the game client to “upgrade tank” when out of combat in the hangar.
  • Fixed map icons fifth skill of the crew.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the server was reset saved a failed automatic authorization (for example, when you enter the wrong password).
  • Fixed some problems playing back recordings of fights.
  • Fixed display icons clan in the hangar at resolutions greater than 1280 horizontal.
  • Improved backgrounds of some windows interface.
  • Fixed some flaws in the interface mode command battles.
  • Fixed voice chat after re-entering the fray.
  • Fixed synchronization information in the open window Stat.
  • allow the addition of offline players in game form, platoons, companies, and so on. n.
  • is disabled in the main chat window invitation to a special battle.
  • Fixed some minor bugs interface.

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