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WoT 0.9.4 supertest
Hello, recently became known patchnout supertesta future patch 0.9.4 MMO games “World of Tanks” .

Changelog test version “0.9.4 supertest 1” in comparison with the version “0.9.3”:

[ 1999003] – To test tanks supertesterami added:
* German Medium Tank Level 8 Panther mit 8,8 cm L / 71.
* American Tank Destroyers 8 level M56 Scorpion.
* German Light Tank Level 2 Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. D.
* Soviet heavy tank level 10 Object 260
* German medium tank level 9 T-55 NVA DDR.
* American Tank Destroyers 7 level T28 concept. –
* German Tank Destroyers level 5 StuG IV.
– Improved some game settings premiumnyh T-34-3 and AT 15A.
– Fixed masking coefficients of the T-54 lightweight.
– Fixed some problems and shortcomings of visual models of tanks: SU-100, IS-7, JagdPanther, M24 Chaffee
– Fixed an error in the damage model tanks: M24 Chaffee, KV-85
– Fixed names towers Tank Destroyers T67 .
– Made changes and improvements on the cards: Komarin, Robin, Aerodrome, the Arctic.
– Improved performance on the map Vindstorm.
– On some maps of the time frame before the battle effect added artillery barrage.
– Improved interaction with the modes.
– Speaking of modes! You know that fashion exist not only in the “World of Tanks”, but in other games too. But I never thought that there is Mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2 . Game Euro Truck Simulator 2 is very atmospheric, and can give a feeling of driving powerful cars on European motorways. Only on our site contains the best vipmods.ru fashion ETS 2. recommend to visit him.
– Fixed slow performance when displaying certain HD tanks.
– Changes in the conditions of application of damage torn tank turret.
– Improved quality of and optimized performance rendering shadows.
– Optimized performance of some elements of the combat interface.
– The list of the names of soldiers.
– In the graphics settings returned to the option to enable / disable triple buffering.
– From the selector fights cleaned item “Historic Battle”.
– Reworked some of the effects of projectiles hit the surface.
– Fixed discrepancy of visual models and models of lesions in some subjects, the environment.
– Fixed some instances of “bailout” of tanks upon arrival in some of the objects surrounding .
– Fixed some interface and game flaws in the “fortified area.”
– Fixed registration conditions slip in some serial medals.
– Fixed an increase in the size of the markers on the minimap a disproportionate increase in the minimap.
– Fixed an issue with blocking platoon chat channel when you create a platoon.
– Fixed appearance of desertion windows when leaving the battlefield view the recording.
– Fixed appearance of motion artifacts after changing screen mode.
– Fixed text chat channel in the companies.
– Fixed “freeze” the search box at the mouth creating a platoon.
– Fixed crash the game client to “upgrade tank” when out of combat in the hangar.
– Fixed icons fifth skill of the crew.
– Fixed some “hangs” and “crashes” the game client.
– Fixed a condition of receiving the medal “Huntsman”.
– Fixed reset memory server for unsuccessful login through the “auto” (for example, when entering a password error).
– Fixed some problems playing back recordings of fighting.
– Fixed icons clan in a hangar at a resolution greater than 1280 horizontal.

A new map of Stalingrad 900h900 m.

[ 1999066]
Новая карта Сталинград 900х900 м

Update 9.4 and 9.5 – what can we expect? – From Slayer [World of Tanks]

Nothing interesting. No, well, the truth – nothing. Nothing at all. Absolutely nothing!

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