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WoT 0.9.5, новый режим PvE
Hi friends! In patch 0.9.5 MMO games “World of Tanks” expects us to you a new game mode PvE. So far in WoT was only one (with variations) game mode PvP (Players versus Players) – player vs. player. Now we will have a new mode PvE (Players versus Environment) – Players vs. environment or as some say the players against mobs. Virtually any online game (or movie on the comics) is a PvE mode, for example in Guardians of the Galaxy just been waves of mobs!

In 0.9.5 in PvE mode enemy tanks will manage the bot- program

Fighting in WoT 0.9.5 PvE will occur on a huge map, measuring 2 by 2 km.

On the map will be three key points, the so-called base.
Huge map. 3 key points (base). In the center of the map is a city and a team of players required to protect him from the waves of tanks. Bots on the tanks will attack the city in waves from all directions. The main objective of this regime – to survive, to preserve the city or kill all enemy equipment (all bots).
Base on this map are not equal, only one base may appear the players on the other two – the mobs.
If one of the bots “escort” (arrow 3) make it to point “B” (on the border of the map) – the city “is” wave “boss”.
Players will be able to play this mode on the tanks of the 8th level. The players will be given a lot more ammunition than we used to.

Arrows with numbering – corresponding waves of bots. A, B, C – the squares in the city that you want to protect.

Table bots:

Model behavior:

The player’s task is to hold the developers all 3 strategically important objects and survival
If the strategic object A belongs to the players then after the death of players resurrected in its territory
If the strategic object A does not belong to the player, the players did not raise

Boat “Wave”
Move to the nearest vacant or occupied player strategic point point on the shortest path to the maximum speed
If the player marred, but can not open fire on him, you need to keep going to the nearest vacant or occupied player strategic point
If it is possible to open fire on the player, you need to stop and start shelling Player without waiting for full details.
If a player is missing from the affected area, it is necessary to continue driving to the nearest strategic point. Reaching a strategic point, you must stop and start his capture.
After the capture of the strategic point must begin moving to the next nearest strategic point

Boat “Convoy”
moves along a predefined path from point A to point B
Player lighted – moves along a predefined path from point A to point B
Player in the affected area – Reduces the rate to 50%, continues to move along a predetermined path, the attacking player is not waiting for full details.
Reaching the point B – shows no activity (as it disappears)

Boat “Artillery”
moves to a position comfortable for pounding the nearest vacant or occupied a strategic player in the point ( priority Busy player point) and starts pounding the area around the object capturing
If the player marred, but there is no way to open fire on him, begins to attack the area around it
If you can attack the player, concentrating fire on the player (Priority is given to the nearest player)
If there are objective (machinery players) within 100 m. or closer, direct fire attack, if possible. If not, then expect an attack within 10 seconds, then – go back to the standard behavior.

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