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Hi commanders “World of Tanks”!

Notorious you obzorschik “World of Tanks”, Gull, nagibatorov, varmint and big friend CVG – Constantine Jove (Jovi) Ladanin sends you heartfelt greetings from the glorious city of Odessa (Ukraine). He and his comrades had already released “extended version of its assembly mods” to update our game with you WoT 0.9.5 .

Advanced Modpak Jovi to patch 0.9.5, Build mods for World Of Tanks. JovesModPack_0.9.5_v16.2 ext

In the illustrated form of a man-in-robe says “our game”, “our events” “with our mod” – it is not so. The game was created CVG, the game has a fashion, and every fashion is the author.

Before you Advanced Modpak Jovi to patch 0.9.5. Best build mods for World Of Tanks

Before installing clean folder res_mods 0.9.5 and completely delete the folder res_mods xvm
In this extended modpak Jovi included some familiar and some fashion trends. All mods have been thoroughly compatible with the world of tanks 0.9.5, the maps do not have black or departures olenemer works correctly. FBS no drawdown. Kraaaasota, not modpak. We have collected for you the best fashion World of Tanks – smart sights and interfaces panel damage and info-panel display HP enemies and clever mini-map program to raise the FPS, the trunks of the enemies on the mini-map, white corpses, hangar and fashion improved sight X16.
In general, all for you to play with the comfort and enjoyment of Naguib! Swing Modpak Jovi and win, but do not forget to swing not only in the game, but in life, for example here – http://promokodi.net/store/proball-ru/ you will find Promotional codes and discounts for sports and not only products. Good luck!

What’s New in modpake Jovi in ​​patch 0.9.5:
1. Olenemer – mod player statistics. Shows the number of fights, efficiency and winning percentage.
2. “Sprockets” utility and dangerous player.
3. Superior Zoom X25 – additional approximation in the sniper scope.
4. Superior Armor Calculator – shows the penetration of your shell taking into account the thickness of armor and tilt bronelistov enemy tank.
5. Counter efficiency WN8. Shows progress in efficiency directly in combat.
6. Indicator shells in battle of panel damage Zayaz.

* Added preview images in the installer.
* Added the ability to combine art sights “sword of Damocles” and TAIPAN with others.
* Improved armor penetration indicator: operates on a color change (in the extended also shows the figures).
* Optional server sight to the setting for different modes (arcade / sniper / art). * Information about the spawn on the loading screen combat.
* Disable red flash when taking damage.
* Disable the parking brake in the Snipe. mode on Fri
* Disable inertial scrolling arcade mode.
* Informer results of completed combat in chat.
* Different skins for system messages, in- statistics and informer results of the previous battle.
* Added the ability to display no penetration in the log for panels and Dellux GambitER.
* List of tanks – added levels and fighting skills, as well as winning percentage on the tank.
* Maud WG Social.

Advanced Modpak for WoT 0.9.5 by Jove

Download and install JovesModPack_0.9.5_v16.2. ext.exe

Partially used: virtuspro.org .
KU, my dear patsaks. Your Jovi!

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