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WoT 0.9.5: Индивидуальные Боевые Задания

WoT 0.9. 5: Individual Missions

Hello, my friends!
In patch 0.9.5 MMO games “World of Tanks” us with you expect Individual combat missions, or abbreviated IBZ. What is the nature of these updates is not yet known, but our partner and friend SilentHunter once again published permitted “sink” with supertesta 0.9.5

Began testing of individual BZ on superteste 9.5

  • IBZ divided into seasons
  • as a reward for the first season may get 4 tanks: StuG IV, T28 Concept, T55A and Ob.260
  • You can get them only in the order listed (one of the difficulties). From Shtuga to 260

  • For each of the tanks created 5 chains of combat missions, each chain contains 15 tasks. When the last task in the chain player receives token. For tank must collect a certain number of tokens
  • When a player gets the first tank, it can start to receive the token to the next, ie first obtains the StuG IV, only then start to go in offset BRs on T28 Concept.
  • IBZ not “zadrotskie” (meaning stupid masturbate count of fights), include certain requirements, such as the amount of damage in one battle , the number of detected opponents, frags, assists (Done by lit and caterpillars), as well as challenges for the arts, platoon and many other conditions.

Kruta: Restrictions on runtime IBZ will not. Perform at least one week, at least for six months. But do not rejoice in this, the task will be difficult.
Evilly: Quests long, branches quests 5 (RT, PT, TT, PT and ACS).

something like that …

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