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[1,999,002] WoT 0.9.7 Bolsen Modpack [1,999,004]
Friends, comrades, soldiers! spread for all to see the second, updated version of its modpaka, which I use myself into Patch 0.9.7 MMO “World of Tanks” . Fashion compatible with LBZ. I minimally modified client – installed only the most necessary and useful fashion. All the variety of mods that have at the moment – I think whistles-tarahtelkami that significantly degrade the spirit and atmosphere of the game. Fashion, which cost me only slightly improve the interface of the game, increase the fps and slightly reduce the ping in the game “World of Tanks”. No more!
Anyone who puts fashion “shtobyyy nOgibat” “I see crabs in the team” and you saw terrible photos – do not read on, and immediately set modpak by Jovi , and the music will sound forever. For everyone else – please read more …
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What’s inside WoT 0.9.7 modpaka Bolzena, the second version?

  • Minimalist sights on Zayaz configuration dap97 reload timer (running in replays), without unnecessary information, but ZoomX: multiposition sniper scope (x2, x4, x8, x16). The sight is no unnecessary information (paint color armor opponent, crosswind speed of the projectile and the amendments to the current atmospheric pressure, etc.)
  • In the hangar added watch detailed statistics for the session, remembering the last server when entering the game, improved posleboevaya statistics, colored posts on the outcome of the battle, added statistics profile in the menu mouth Ping hangar , improved transplant crew and display information about the level of the tank battles in the platoon
  • In combat Added commander camera, improved horizontal stabilization, dynamic camera shake off and shaking off when hit, added to traverse corners for art and self-propelled guns PT-ACS;
  • panel damage to display the amount of damage caused to you, the type of projectile, name and tank attacks, and while it is recharging (Custom Damage Panel WoT 0.9.7). Very handy and useful thing;
  • Other useful : Turn the camera shake dynamic, added to the number of improved indicators shells, camouflage tanks remained intact, icons and labels removed, increased visibility, fog on the cards removed, the smoke from the destroyed equipment, cleaned poultry and the effect of swaying tree branches. Also installed mod banning shoot at her and just destroyed armored vehicles;
  • Popular modes XVM configuration Bolzena “bulbs” – markers to light up in the ears of the enemy team, the mini-map tracking enemies log your personal damage, increasing the minimap by CAPS LOCK and display the remaining strength of the enemies of ALT, displaying the number of invaders bases, ping servers, and other amenities. Do not forget activate Olenemer !

In my modpake you will not find bells Crete and the sixth sense, the white skeletons of the destroyed equipment, with areas of skin penetration, there is no info card (dashboard selected target), a break angle, and other varpak download nyashki-kolabashki …
Special thanks to those who make fashion for us – wonderful and marvelous, namely: zayaz, dab97, STL1te, AHuMex, Shtys, GambitER, marsoff, DJON_999, DmitriiS27, J1mb0, tehHedger et al.
WoT 0.9.7: модпак Бользена, gosu-wot.com

Download and install a collection of mods (modpak) from Bolzena MMO game “World of Tanks” 0.9.7:

  • Before installation, save to a different location and clear the res_mods .
  • Download the file c modpakom Bolzena for WoT 0.9.7:
             soberi gosu-wot hitfile turbobit
  • Unzip the archive into the game folder, such as E: Games World_of_Tanks , the files are copied to the res_mods .
  • To start the game you will need to run the file WorldOfTanks.exe from the root of the game or a standard launcher.
Ehehehey! Good luck in your battle, I’ll see you through the range finder!

(c) photo by Broń Pancerna [1,999,025]

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