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As always, the team is ESL Amateur Series 1on1 tournament. The tournament will be held in tanks at 8th level, which causes the greatest interest among the players.
We invite everyone to take part in the tournament to test their strength and compete for a prize pool of $ 9000 gaming gold!

[1999007 ] Description:
Date: 10/26/14 Sunday

  • Tournament start: 21:00 Moscow time

Description of the tournament:

  • Number of places: 64/128/256 in the discretion of the administration.
  • Between battles, you can change the technique.
    [1999017 ]
  • Time Card: 5 minutes
  • Background: Tanks 8th level
  • 1on1 -Tanki 8th level (except drums)

    Useful information:

  • Battlezone Mod: Download the mod
  • Tournament Rules: Read the rules

The prize fund of the tournament:

[ 1999064] 1st place 2500
2nd place 2000
3rd place 1500
4th [1999065 ] 1000
5-8 place [1999065 ] 500

* Note: Online Gold issued bonus codes winners after the tournament in a personal message on the website ESL.
Restriction: nickname in the game account WoT RU each player [ 1999004]
Full set of rules: read

Date: now
[ 1999004]



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[1999004 ]

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