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Dear players, ESL continues to organize for you a series of amateur tournaments in the format of 3on3 . Every Friday you have a great opportunity to prove that your squad is the strongest and at the same time earn a reward in the form of game gold. The prize fund of 27,000 gaming gold. Learn the rules, register for the tournament and forth to victory!


Date: 28/11/14 Friday

  • Beginning of the tournament: 21:00 Moscow time

Description of the tournament:

  • Seats: 64/128 at the discretion of the administration.
  • Between battles, you can change the technique.
  • Time Card: 8 minutes
  • BACKGROUND: Tanks level 8
  • 3on3 – Tanks 8th level
    Useful Information:
  • Battlezone Mod: Download the mod
  • Tournament Rules: Read the rules
  • Stream tournament: Watch stream on-line

prize fund:

1 place 7500
2nd place 6000
3rd place 4500
4th 3000
place 5-8 1500

Restriction: nickname in the game account in WoT RU Each player

Full set of rules: read

Date: now


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11/23/14 00:00 Registration starts
11/28/14 20:45 Complete registration
3on3 funcup_103
28/11/14 21:00 1st match
3on3 funcup
11/28/14 21:40 2nd leg
11/28/14 22:20 3rd match
11/28/14 23:00 4th match
11/28/14 23:40 5th match
29/11/14 00:20 6th match
11/29/14 01:00 Match for third place
11/29/14 01:00 Final

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