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as every Friday, Wargaming FM hosted the “Developer Hour” show, where WG employees talk about World of Tanks. This time it was Darya Klimchuk, known as Knopka. The topic was “girls in World of Tanks” and “WoT Blitz”.

All the answers are related to Blitz, not WoT.

-Strongholds are not planned for Blitz;
-Developers are working on clans, they should arrive in spring or summer of 2015;
-There will be specialized 3 man platoons only for clans;
-Patch 1.8 will bring a lot of optimization for Android;
-Next patch will bring one more map;
-This year, Himmelsdorf will be implemented in the game;
-Next branch is the German Leopard 1;
-Developers are considering XP for tanking, it will most likely be implemented;
-There are no plans for public testing servers for Blitz;
-In April to May 2015 there will be a new event for premium vehicles;
-1.8 will bring combat missions (most likely 9 per day);
-No plans for skill MM;
-In the beginning, there will be only clans and only after that will everything else be added such as CW etc;
-Tutorial will be improved a bit;
-KV-2 and KV-13 will be implemented;
-Next nation is already being worked on, but it’s still secret.

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