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Dear players!

It is time to take stock of the weekly contest WoT funny! for the period from 19 to 25 December. The winners of pictures in the near future will receive 3000 , authors of the best quotes – for 1000 .

  • Read the contest rules can be here .
Results of the weekly contest pictures WoT funny!

1. Sheava :

2. Pro_Slayer :


4. CET0VSV [1,999,021] [1,999,007] [1,999,003] [1,999,035] [1,999,083] [1,999,084] [1,999,038] [1,999,086] [1,999,040] [1,999,021] [1,999,007] [1,999,005] [1,999,044] [1,999,006] 5. Fenix_chl :

Special prizes for 1000 : SAU37 , hottabich23 , _Dimas_27 .

Results weekly contest citations WoT funny!

1. OpoZZum :

The program TSCC promised us that will be removed stop and the tank will be able to roll up the harp. Now the game is introduced girls tankistok. I think these two events as somehow connected …

2. strashnyi2011 :

What is the fundamental difference between cancer and deer?
Cancer is worth, when you need to go, and reindeer rides, when you have to stand.

3. Fuzim :

Letter to WG :
But if I had Type 59 I’d share!

4. ZenkovMiroslav :

Latest news in the update 0.9.5. will the British Tank Destroyers, with a maximum speed of 12km / h.
T95: see all, I twists her!

5. Gibbius :

Many players like E-25 for their agility, stealth and frenzied PDM, but an even greater number of players hate it, and for the same reasons.

6 . Foggy_T :

Firefly before the battle: Well, then, I passively candle, you are actively shooting. Just do not confuse the hell …

7. BlackStar_WOT_ :

go out to fight on IP in battle 14 bands and all lvl 7, and then the enemy T29 writes:
– How much meat
A union KB3 in response:
– Based on your stat you are a vegetarian.


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