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Dear players!

It is time to take stock of the weekly contest WoT funny! for the period from 27 February to 5 March. The winners of pictures in the near future will receive 3000 , authors of the best quotes – for 1000 .

  • Read the contest rules can be here .
Results of the weekly contest pictures WoT funny!

1. Rabbit100 [1,999,021] [1,999,007] [1,999,003] [1,999,035] [1,999,036] [1,999,037] [1,999,038] [1,999,039] [1,999,040] [1,999,021] [1,999,007] [1,999,005] [1,999,044] [1,999,006] 2. _KrEchEt52_ [1,999,021] [1,999,007] [1,999,003] [1,999,035] [1,999,051] [1,999,052] [1,999,038] [1,999,054] [1,999,040] [1,999,021] [1,999,007] [1,999,005] [1,999,044] [1,999,006] 3. Nuclear_Tim :

4. CET0VSV [1,999,021] [1,999,007] [1,999,003] [1,999,035] [1,999,081] [1,999,082] [1,999,038] [1,999,084] [1,999,040] [1,999,021] [1,999,007] [1,999,005] [1,999,044] [1,999,006] 5. TheApok :

Special prizes for 1000 : 9808008 , Icebreakknight , ITMOBIT .

Results weekly contest citations WoT funny!

1. vlam1r :

Just chatter chatting have “merged” players:
RU 251: Soon introduce new physics in the game. You will be able to enter the controlled drift at the speed!
T95: Direct can not wait …

2. K0LLlAK :

When you remain in the team against one half of the team of the enemy, already stuffed a bunch of damage, killing another, second, third, dragging the fight, do you think that the allies watched with admiration for you, and get chatting:
“Let Die soon, I’m waiting for the tank, I have to shake it!”

3. CH_W_of_T :

Allied IS-7 T95 fell in behind and tries to disperse
T95: Oh come on you deal with this nonsense, saying heard – “Hush food – I will continue?” After a few seconds flops next round.
Enemy T92: Got?
T95: Pull come on home !!! Quickly push !!!
IS -7: You said, slow and steady wins – on going.
T95: Circumstances have changed !!! Pull native !!! Pull!

4. tyrist_ :

LT breaks to the enemy base. And, despite the greater speed and maneuvers his “vanshotit” enemy art.
RT: What’s so loud bumknulo? And what happened to my Tanchiki? And where did this pile of scrap metal?

5. __ fastcall :

gunner, the whole fight running on tracers – the most generous player WoT: and another gives to play, and from those who have the other does not, saves!

6. T80y_Black_Eagle :

Tired worn on the cards on the AMX 40?
bored spinning opponents on his M3 Lee?
This is not pleasing to millions locked Somua damage by 40?
Then you gotta try the “Challenger”!
“Challenger” – this is when you are protected by the allies more than the enemy (forehead towers – 50 mm feed – 200 mm).
“Challenger” – this is when you pray, Not to get into the top (because LT IV level dismantle you faster than any level IX).
“Challenger” – this is when you can “Harp” enemy “Sneakers” for so long that it kills its own artillery same mercy. “Challenger” – this is when the only thing you can do with the “sneaker” – psaltery it.
“Challenger” – this is not a tank, it is a choice of a real man!
* Note, there are contraindications. Drivers “Mouse”, T95 and “Tortoysa” before buying it is necessary to consult a specialist.

7. andron2506 :

That feeling when you perform an action on the T34, T34 using.


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