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Dear players!

It is time to take stock of the weekly contest WoT funny! for the period from 13 to 19 March. The winners of pictures in the near future will receive 3000 , authors of the best quotes – for 1000 .

  • Read the contest rules can be here .
Results of the weekly contest pictures WoT funny!

1. pe4enkko [1,999,021] [1,999,007] [1,999,003] [1,999,035] [1,999,036] [1,999,037] [1,999,038] [1,999,039] [1,999,040] [1,999,021] [1,999,007] [1,999,005] [1,999,044] [1,999,006] 2. CET0VSV [1,999,021] [1,999,007] [1,999,003] [1,999,035] [1,999,051] [1,999,052] [1,999,038] [1,999,054] [1,999,040] [1,999,021] [1,999,007] [1,999,005] [1,999,044] [1,999,006] 3. akvapelbko :

4. T_50__CCCP [1,999,021] [1,999,007] [1,999,003] [1,999,035] [1,999,081] [1,999,082] [1,999,038] [1,999,084] [1,999,040] [1,999,021] [1,999,007] [1,999,005] [1,999,044] [1,999,006] 5. OcHoBHou_KaJIu6p_ :

Special prizes for 1000 : realrift , Rabbit100 , StormChas3er .

Results weekly contest citations WoT funny!

1. 1__MACTEP__1 :

The player with the mod “Art shoot. For me, “was banned chat after being hit by enemy fire platoon of FV304.


yesterday asked the home, in the place by car will stick a label with the logo of World of Tanks. Son offered a choice of doors, hood, hatch gas tank. Wife invited to peel the label “A child in the car” and in its place to stick the logo. To the question “Why?” The answer: “Because the meaning will still be the same!”

3. tyrist_ :

conversation with my wife, I recently accustomed to WoT (as long as it does not really get to play, and most of it is hidden in the bushes):
She: Look … Suddenly I like it … Will you come home from work, and I’m at the computer.
I: Nothing, the second computer will buy, will play a platoon.
She: Yeah, when you get killed, you sit down at my tank and jump out of the bushes screaming «I’m back!».

4. SeniorJD :

Today, there is an interesting pattern: after draining our IS-3 with a 44% chance of winning the XVM increased …

5. Reinheit :

Drain fight.
At the end we still have the T-54, and art, and at vrazhin 7 more tanks. [1,999,044] in the Federal chatting orgy of advice, what bush stand, where to go and whom to first highlight what 54-ka cancer and so on. d.
T-54: I believe, I’m going crazy. (
T-54: I hear the voices of the dead … the hangar.;)

6. CH_W_of_T :

In general chat.
Ally “On. 261 “: Art in the game as the Wolves – orderlies forests: eat the wounded, sick and weak animals.
enemy Maus : So what do you take me then ?! I do not faint and was not injured!
Ally “On. 261 “: So, yes … But” Robin “to” Mouse “in the middle … visibly ill. (

7. _IL76_ :

Dear comrades tankers !!!
There is no “nerf” PT was not !!! Take, for example, my “Hellkata”: He was about two years. Nearly 2,000 fights.
During this time just worn out mechanisms turret and a reverse gear, began to hurt badly at the hands of the loader, and commander just sees worse through dirty triplexes.


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  • Winners are selected based on from rating scored for the reporting week WarGag . ru .
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