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Dear players!

The time has come to take stock of the weekly competition WoT funny! for the period from 16 to 22 July. The winners of pictures in the near future will receive 3000, authors of the best quotes – by 1000.

  • acquainted with the rules of the contest can be here .

I place

Vang0k [1,999,028]


Astaret Награда

“Prokhorovka”, the beginning of the battle, an ally in the bush took 13-90 for illumination, and writes in the chat:
– Lord, congratulate me, lifted the ban on the chat, it was a tough week !!! So do not upset me, I do not want to go through it again.
Just a moment his vanshotit art, everyone is waiting for comments, and then he again
– What a shame (

II place

sergik5170 [1,999,028]

Kavyn888 [1,999,033]

Increasingly began to appear in the battles newcomer FV201 (A45). Another battle 5-7, dialogue chat:
T34: where to punch PV ???
Leopard: behind!
Art: the roof)))
KV-2: Important to get !! !

III place



ride with another platoon.
Friend: Wafer CD.
I: It’s not light. How do you know?
Friend: Guess five times.

IV place

CET0VSV [1,999,028]

Kaa87 [1,999,033]

fashion has changed dramatically “clock in the hangar.” Previously, he was showing only the time, but now more and date, day of the week, and even year! Apparently, to the players who have more than 80k fights, we knew that the window has 2015 ft.

V place


serclg15 [1,999,033]

Going on “Himmelsdorfu” on T-54, then passed me flying batchat give for preemption, arson, but tripped automatic fire extinguisher, he will not tolerate such leaves me, I shoot again, burning! LBZ “set fire to two opponents to the next level” PASSED! Moving away from the joy, I look at the new events, showing the progress LBZ in battle, I should LBZ “kill Artoo” … For the first time in the last 15 years, I started to cry …

VI place

danilavixunec2002 [1,999,028]

wakeup4egg [1,999,033]

Union EC-8, which apparently always played at low settings, first went into the game with better settings.
– I always thought I had a fuel tank full starboard …
– hide it, tried not to set fire to …
– And it was a log …

VII place

mx5 [1,999,028]

ivanych30041984 [1,999,033]

“Karelia”. Sturm. Our HF-2 climbs the mountain, where there are always PT, and art and the whole fight is in the bush. Its starting to strongly criticize what he responds with stony silence. And then one of the Allies gives:

– Guys, I think he is going to become pupated and buratosom!


  • contest «WoT joke!” – Weekly.
  • The winners are selected based on rankings, scored for the reporting week WarGag.ru.
  • About all currently active in World of Tanks, you can learn from Calendar of Events .


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