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Dear players!

The time has come to take stock of the weekly competition WoT funny! for the period from 7 to 13 May. The winners of pictures in the near future will receive 3000, authors of the best quotes – by 1000.

  • acquainted with the rules of the contest can be here .
The results of the weekly contest of pictures WoT funny!

1. Darc23 :

2. Rabbit100 :

3. tyrist_ :

4. qpsity “Masking 100%.” ​​

5. 1MURRA1 :

Special prizes for 1000 : [1,999,070] AndrewUs88 , Alena_Killer , Clerg , Cloji .

The results of the weekly contest citations WoT funny!

1. KOTOfeyk :

Test server. Beru T92 I charge bb. In the battle! Lit E 100 (2300 HP), hit – an explosion at E 100 BC.
100 E: Yeah, good!
T92 Thank you!
takes a couple of hours. Again on the T92 again bb. Lit E 100 (1600 HP), ingress – at BK E100 explosion.
T92: Do not worry, you’re not the first now!
E 100: Damn, it’s me again)))

2. nemezcs :

The strongest part of any tank – a caterpillar. Forged by extraterrestrial technology in the depths of Mordor alloy stainless steel, mithril and adamantium, they can withstand any projectile hit from pistol bullets to intercontinental nuclear warhead.

3. ura1299 :

Start a fight on the “N-sk”. The team bat extras.
Opponents: Bat personal life is?
Moment of silence …
Bat: What the hell’s personal life? Married I (

4. Jenya_Arhipov :

FV304 keeps the harp union KV-1 (probably without perks, long chinitsya).
HF wrote in a chat: “If you love – let go, I’ll get back to you.”

5. Vlad1814 :

IS: With the Victory Day !!! Hurray !!!
T-34: That’s right!
SU-152: That’s right!
Jackson: That’s right!
ChurchillI: That’s right!
T-34-85: So exactly!
Tiger: Need help!
Panther: Need help!
Pz.III / IV: Need help!
Stug III: Need help!

6. Serega_Citrus :

On the Korean servers tank «Rudy» default with Doppaykom.

7. 13ultima :

– At the May holidays of shares bought by EC-6, T-54 and the first sample package of “Berlin troika” now will drive …
– Cool, cool, and what will drive?
– A chase will be on the bike, even money on the voucher on the bus left.


  • contest «WoT joke!” – Weekly.
  • The winners are selected based on rankings, scored for the reporting week WarGag.ru.
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