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Dear players!

The time has come to take stock of the weekly competition WoT funny! for the period from 21 to 27 May. The winners of pictures in the near future will receive 3000, authors of the best quotes – by 1000.

  • acquainted with the rules of the contest can be here .

I place

sergey562 [1,999,028]


Fenix_chl Награда

Announcement of the sale of cars
“Camouflage native, not repainted, no bounce, rams and samozatopleny not.
Service only official hangar. Mileage – 10 thousand. Fights.
Reinforced torsion bars, top-end engine, Winter & ldquo; psaltery, & rdquo; on cast Truckee.
No path for “Prokhorovka” / “Murovanka” only “Khimki”. Women’s crew was not maintained.
The reason for sale – pump up to the next level. “

II place


Vetaliss80 [1,999,033]

Standard fight.
In top “Mouse”.
enemy “art” is actively working on it but, of course, he dies.
Next the top team, “All the lightning rod was over – it’s time to hide” .

III place

DGreen26 [1,999,028]


avid TT waters sleeping in bed.
suddenly starts screaming in his sleep with horror: “Ah-ah-ah! Suitcase !!! Suitcase !!! “
Wife:” Only covered, without damage, even zaguslil & hellip; Sleep & hellip; Sleep & hellip; »

IV place

scrooge1 [1,999,028]

Stanis82 [1,999,033]

Leave to wind through the city with his wife, decides to do.
Oil change – there is a tanker, speaking, 5% discount, a trifle, but nice …
decided to do toning, boom – and there is a tanker. Out queue has promised …
And so the whole day wherever sunsya – everywhere our brother … It’s nice, even the wife was surprised.
Final, sit, wait until it is a cosmetic product itself something chooses. It turns out the whole satisfied.
I: What is it? That shine?
Wife: Yes, that’s decided, like you, to talk about the tanks, it turned out that the seller (women) man, too, tanker, posoboleznovala as a result of the seller me a discount in excess of the discount did, exchanged phone numbers and agreed to a regular discount.
phrase of the evening: “To be the wife tankman too profitable !!!”

V place

SayMeo0w [1,999,028]


In order to merge in the forefront, to act carefully, look at the mini-map, and slowly but surely drag, it is necessary at the beginning of a fight to get a “pill of wisdom” and the “arts”.

VI place



When you execute 15th combat mission on personal TT terribly enrage those who no penetration after first moving to “Golda” or bombs, but most enrage the people by shooting.

VII place



Saturday evening at 19:00, calling a friend:
– Alena, went go to the movies, my husband today, “day”, so I’m free!
– Ol, any day, will he a school teacher working!
– Day premium in the “Tank” bought, so that in 24 hours I was completely free!


  • contest «WoT joke!” – Weekly.
  • The winners are selected based on rankings, scored for the reporting week WarGag.ru.
  • Hurry up to take part in competition “Conversations in the ranks” .
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