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Dear players!

The time has come to take stock of the weekly competition WoT funny! c for a period of 18 to 24 June. The winners of pictures in the near future will receive 3000, authors of the best quotes – by 1000.

  • acquainted with the rules of the contest can be here .

I place



GooseTankist Награда

Hello. Remember the post about his wife with a drum charging system? So, it’s me again, and I have some more details ..
-Kd calculate failed .. it is different from the dispute to the dispute. I guess sometimes it is charged and Crete boeuklad especially vesskimi arguments
-Sometimes it takes platoon my mom
-Byvaet, creates a dynamic platoon had come from a friend or friends
-Not carries a fire extinguisher, lights up if the scandal, his FIG extinguished. Did not realize that the fire crew Crete all sane in her head
-Statistka, trying to drag even the most disastrous dispute
-Not inflicting damage on the Gold switches – “You do not love me,” etc. -Beshenaya rate inside the drum, do not have time to say two words when I already flies 10
-Vzvodom mom unwind in two minutes
-Vedet calmer when to give prem – shoes or a new dress

II place

369YIV [1,999,028]
[1,999,017] [1,999,046] [1,999,033]

Scar_75REG [1,999,033]

Poorly exposed front roller, KV-1 fell under the scope of T-34.
After a short time
KV-1: Yazvi you in the carburetor, ёzhkin drin a pole! Give mend!
T-34: Driveshaft you in the back door and not have repaired!
After 5 minutes
KV-1: Yes, for you to relatives for the summer come!
T 34: Yeah, well … you’re right … Che Chinis …

III place


power1997 [1,999,033]

son ​​of 2.5 years. When I play the “tank”, he sits next to me and watches.
recently learned to count backwards from 30 to 0. I showed my wife that now – have the benefit of my tanks! To which she replied: “Do you want prem for a month? Learn with your child the letter. “
Here me now share: before the fight teach letters in the names of tanks. I think we will succeed. :)

IV place



“Yolka” rushed to the top.
ELC AMX: Shine !!!
ELC AMX: Two years wanted to write it. :)

V place

13ultima [1,999,028]
sportsmen8 [1,999,033]

Fight on GC! “Defimsya” to the last. The silence in the air. Dialogue clan members, one of which is to “Fireflies” is in the bushes:
1 (in a whisper): Guys, they travel, trees break down!
2: A Th whisper, afraid slept?

VI place

mx5 [1,999,028]
_IL76_ [1,999,033]

Summer day. Standing in the shade of the house. From the open window of the third floor periodically heard wild cries of children. I listen to the content: can help? Disassembled snatches of conversation:
– On !!! Get !!!
– Where prёsh? Yes, to you!
“play – I thought. – Just what? “
The phrase” How not struck ?! “dispelled any doubt …

VII place

Francuz64 [1,999,028]
gusar409 [1,999,033]

decided to finally fulfill LBZ. I got a job to burn the enemy tank. For two days I was able to set fire to torment only his chair.


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