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[i & gt; In order to further development and expansion, the site offers a set of wot-lol.ru streamers. Join. Help promote websites promoting yourself and get for his trouble game gold. [/ I & gt;

The task includes:
Carrying streams and various stream show with awards in the form of gaming gold on twitch channel wotlolru . Commenting on what is happening, interaction and communication with the players.

Basic requirements for the tape drive:
· Experience in conducting streams.
· Desire to develop.
· Ability to be online and to stream as often as possible (a specific timetable to be confirmed with the management).
· The computer allows you to play with high graphics settings and acceptable FPS.
· Good outbound channel.
· Knowledge of the software part.
· Cultural speech pleasant (in extreme cases – cool) diction.

Ability to stream to twitch, no frame loss, with a bitrate of 3000-3500 and preset Veryfast or High Quality for Nvenc technology with acceptable quality is not lower than 720p, and streamers not there must be black frames (mainly the problem occurs in the holders of not widescreen monitors).
Have a good quality audio without the hiss and everything else. Do not have the habit of expressing your opinion in the rough, abusive, obscene form (to be able to control their emotions well.)

For all other inquiries contact the curator streamers.

To apply, please complete and submit the following form:
1. Name.
2. Age.
3. Link to the tank profile ( worldoftanks.ru ). 4. Time zone and time (XX: XX XX to: XX MSK) during which you are ready to stream.
5. The configuration of your computer.
6. What software to use the Stream.
7. A little about yourself.

E-mail: revrites@gmail.com
Skype: komando7507
Also, you can ask a question in this thread

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