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Праздник к нам приходит ...
Dear friends, do you remember Komrad Torsus_SD renderschika, author of “winter mode” (buggy, squander the FPS, but beautiful fashion)? He is running remotely on CVG and saws for denyuzhku for them and, therefore, for you and me Winter Mod 2 . He is a little bit of a snob, and Zaznayka bot, but it knows its hefty hard. So …

WoT Winter Mod 2, the holiday comes to us …

torsus_sd: know CVG very actively began to cooperate with the modders. Rewards every opportunity, information and advertising – a nice partner, yes. In general, the comrades of votfana – who do not know the official modpak CVG – wanted to revive last year’s winter fashion. Time frankly I was not enough, less than a half months, but for the work I have undertaken, for the work with the most enormous, most global mod of all that he had seen the client WoT – it’s cool. Just say – fashion yet, it appears only a couple of weeks until that early builds its only available vododelam yes advertisers.

And I came to the question very globally. The first thing you see after loading screen – a hangar that I gash completely from scratch in the range pole. Cool huh! You can a gash? And from scratch? A range pole?
WoT Winter Mod 2

who poses as a kind of recycling ideas of what a hangar WoT outside, a bit based on the stories of the site. This is a whole map of a 2 by 2 kilometers, with a large camera so that you can remove to spend your time on the fun – look at what there is on. In short – a big hill from sticking to the underground base construction outputs in the form of hangars, which dug a tunnel railway branch, part of which goes far into the distance, a part – to the local town with armored vehicles unloading platforms, town, farm and field. All night, the lighting, all the cases, and over the hills alleet sunset – and even fireworks exploding.
WoT Winter Mod 2

Why cut the whole card for the hangar – and I do not know, for me so cool when you can see something other than the 4 walls, and work there for 3 days. We crawl on.
Here you vidyashku it washed down on a very wet build, because fashion is not too important, but generally well done.

Briefly – snow, ice, a lot of snow , a lot of ice, some where in the city the night if night – then gradually appear and lights street lighting, anti-aircraft searchlights are installed just before a holiday by some residents * * – and the surrounding light, twinkling lights of Christmas trees, flags and garlands. Not in combat, yes – but New Year’s events. And if there are lights and spotlights – tanks also need lighting, so that the tanks are working headlights that shine more than really anything that gets in their rays.
WoT Winter Mod 2

In general, almost all large cities have become nocturnal, because the night – it’s cool and cool. And so the game is not a simulator that black night stealing coal from the basement – I ingeniously Get Smart, and begat the following ideas: where there are lights – lights give a glow. where there is no, but you can put a spotlight – Floodlight once a large area where there is the railway station – put the mast with very very powerful searchlights and where not to put artificial light – makes beautiful moon that expensive labor poser named Rising Star * * death. And he Ambient not very dark, in the end all the cards are better than the lighting in ruinberge in the fire, and at the same time look quite so labor – night. I personally do not interfere with play.
WoT Winter Mod 2

My favorite was the card card “Fishing Bay”. 2 days I struggled with the moonlight until you create a normal contrast. Can you imagine – two days! TWO!

Scope of work on the mod is huge, and I’m particularly 24 to 7 and Pasha. I – the best pahatel the world! Each night map – hundreds of lanterns spaced arms each day – a removal of the brain with configs lighting and catching bugs. Old files almost do not work, though of course it is a great help that massive amounts of textures are still valid. I re-covered with snow all the tanks, and more beautiful models of tanks, I redrew hands all textures HD models of tanks, they covered with snow tracks, redrew all camouflage. I – a superhero!

A lot of work goes into it to organically enter tanks surrounded and environment cards. I try to make sense of the fact that all of the cards with the tanks – one, as if she had never been on the battlefields of the summer MMO games “World of Tanks” .
WoT Winter Mod 2
At the moment I made the rough all the cards in the game, there are still about 5 pieces that need to make a clean sweep. And I have to redraw the interface – to make it cold, icy, there were many small and nasty work – redraw part thumbnail, some screens and logos. This time, I’m likely to give up the snow, because they cause drawdown FPS – yes they are cool, but they create too much of hemorrhoids, and lighting and without load the PC is not too weak.
WoT Winter Mod 2
WoT Winter Mod 2

In short, the New Year of 2015, I hope great cheer someone from players. I will come to visit him and say, “Hey, baby! Waiting for? “. The ideology of fashion is quite simple – to give a pleasant feeling when you play the New Year holidays. Extras can go to the forest, kanyuchaschie nagibaaaat * * does not help – too. This festive events. This is my mod. This mod for people like me! Exclusively visual, created just for beauty and new experiences. His lifetime – just a couple of weeks before and after the new year, and I hope it is for the short term will please as many players of the World Tanks …
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