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Until January 4. 2016 the T28 Concept will be available on WoT Xbox as a regular Premium tank.

I really like how the Console and Blitz versions of WoT been introducing vehicles, fair/cheaper bundle options and fun events…In my dreams, they do a Dragonball fusion and become a new PC version of WoT.

Bundles available:
Cost: 7.000 Gold

T28 Concept  100% Trained CrewGarage SlotCamouflage Net3 Days of Premium

Cost: 8.100 Gold
VII T28 Concept • 100% Trained CrewGarage SlotCamouflage NetBinocular TelescopeLarge-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer3 Days of Premium
Cost: 12.000 Gold
VII  T28 Concept  VII  M56 Scorpion  2 100% Trained Crew2 Garage Slot2 Camouflage NetMedium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer2 Binocular TelescopeLarge-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer7 Days of Premium
-Earn 20,000 or more XP in any number of battles while playing in the T28 Concept.
Reward: 1 Day of Premium + 30,000 
Available once per account, and in multiplayer battles onlyMust be completed within seven days of the bundle purchase date
More Screenshots:

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