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Hello Warriors,

I only ask, why is WoTs PC not doing cool stuff like this? To celebrate the holidays WoT Xbox is presenting a fun mode called “Toy Tank”, check out the trailer:

And the making of it (unlisted video):


-This Mode wil be available from 24 December, 3:01 (ET) until 28 December, 2:59 (ET)


The Tank has no monetary value and if you sell it you wont get anotherWhen the mode ends, the Toy tank and its Garage Slot will be removedCrews (whether it be Crews provided for the Toy tank or your own) in the Toy tank when the mode ends will be sent to the BarracksConsumables equipped on the Toy tank will be sent to the Depot


-WoT Xbox players will be able to get these emblems until 8 of January, 2:59 (ET).

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