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As part of the New Year’s action all players World of Tanks will be able to purchase or receive as a reward for the performance of combat missions Chinese premium tank VIII level WZ-111. This tank was first introduced to RU-region widely available, and many are wondering what this war machine. Well, it’s time to rip the veil of secrecy and face the mysterious visitor from the east.




Features Overview

WZ-111 – a Chinese heavy tank VIII level. If you define it in one sentence, it is the younger brother of the Chinese premium heavy tank IX level WZ-111 model 1-4. Kinship is manifested primarily in the construction and, as a result of booking. And this is a definite plus, because the frontal protection of Chinese “Nine” is very good, even with the fact that his main opponents – machinery IX and X levels. Thus, WZ-111 – a tank with armor level VIII IX level, which also does not get to the “top ten”.

Of course, WZ-111 does not Maus, and rely solely on the armor should not be. The general level of security of the tank is very close to another premium “Chinese” – 112. The scheme similar to the following: Strong upper armor plates, which can penetrate not all tanks, and almost punctured his forehead tower; at the same time delicate and vulnerable broneliste bottom hatches on the tower. Put the tank rhombus is not recommended: in this case, the damage will pass through the front roller and in some cases through the proximal part of the “pike nose.”

armed tank Chinese analogue 122-mm gun D-25T, which is also installed on the T-112 and 34-3. Here, everything is standard:

more damage per shot is compensated by low accuracy and rate of fire . Medium armor piercing projectile involves conducting combat at close range, where it is possible vytselivat vulnerabilities opponents. Broneprobivaemost cumulative projectile – impressive, allowing opponents to upset even IX level.

Mobility tank – above average. Accelerates it not once, but 40-45 km / h in a straight line holds. Return to base or change flank on it no problem.

Review by the standards of heavy tank VIII good level – 380 meters. Ammunition – 45 shots, allowing you to download different types of ammunition, including high-explosive projectiles that this tank is very useful against poorly armored targets and bringing down the base capture.

For WZ-111 crew will approach any Chinese heavy tank. Here he also consists of 4 people, radio operator performs the function of the commander. Due to the premium increase to gain experience of the crew and the lack of a penalty for a transplant with other Chinese TT he plays the role of trainer for tankers. The most useful skills for them to be “The Sixth Sense”, “Repair”, “Combat Brotherhood”, “Slight tower”, “King of off-road.”

From equipment suitable standard equipment: Gun rammer, stabilizer and vertical lay Improved ventilation. For a more comfortable playing up cards can be replaced by ventilation Enlightened optics.

Fighting application

WZ-111 is designed for close combat. Tank is equally useful in both offensive and defensive. In the battles VIII level he can lead the attack, leading a less armored allies. Of course, remember to be careful also not worth it: Try to move from cover to cover and hide the vulnerable lower broneliste. With the game in the defense take a position such that it was difficult to surround you. Ideally, this mound or destroyed tank in a narrow street or in the gorge. Try to play “the tower”, and if you see that the enemy is trying to get you on the flap, complicates aiming, turning the turret and hull.

In the battles IX level should be even more careful. Do not attempt to enter into a gunfight with a frontal tanks higher level. Acting in concert with allies, if possible to entice the enemy by artillery fire. If you see that the enemy team in a lot of heavy tanks IX level, it is advisable to choose an alternative direction for the attack: for example, “Zelenka” to “N-sk” or workaround for “Pearl River”. In the fight against the enemy CT you can bring much more benefit.

WZ-111 is also effective when playing in a platoon. The main thing – remember the preferential distribution in the selection sovzvodnikov. A good partner can be as heavy tanks (EC-6, 112, KV-5) and machine support high broneprobitiem (FCM 50t, JgTig. 8.8 cm).

summarize. WZ-111 – the classic “grace” premium tank VIII level, similar in concept to IP-6 and 112. He copes with its main task – to earning credits and accelerated training of the crew, but due to high armor-piercing shaped-charge projectiles will also be useful in difficult combat situations. If you do not spend in vain premium ammunition and try to do damage each shot, then “on the Gold” WZ-111 could go plus the loans.

The tank is easy to learn and can be advise a wide range of players with different levels of experience and skill of the game. He may like to be the first and main “tank farm”, and add variety to your existing fleet of premium equipment.

Good luck in the New Year marathon!

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