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Hello everyone,

shocked by the difficulty of the WZ-111 mission? Thinking that getting the kills done on certain branches (Japanese one comes to mind) will be sheer masochism?

No worries, RU server has you covered. You see, Wargaming RU prepared a set of 7 bundles. Each costs 10 USD. I am sure you figured it immediately – 7 bundles, 7 nations… that’s right. Paying 10 USD for a national bundle does nothing else but skips that very nation in the WZ-111 mission. By paying 70 USD, you can get the WZ-111 straight away.

I mean, that’s a brilliant plan, isn’t it? :)

Wargaming is not unfair however, if you buy a bundle as such and then don’t get the WZ-111, you’ll get some gold as a compensation after the event is over.

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