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Hello Warriors,

the WZ-111 is now available on Sketchfab, for those unaware Sketchfab is the leading platform to publish and find 3D content which can be used for 3D printing, modded games, etc.

WZ-111 by Wargaming.net on Sketchfab

People been calling this “HD” but is definitely not for PC version of WoT due to its poor quality, just look at the holes in the muzzle break. With luck, it can make its way into WoT Xbox.

There is no necessity for these models to have an HD look, although WG does not allow its models to be downloaded I assume they are for 3D printing and such detail wouldn’t make into the finished product.

And let me show you examples as I actually have an BC-25T and IS-3 3D printed models from Sandboxr in my bedroom (gifts from Rei_Lin, my “sugardaddy” as I jokingly call to creep him), this is how the quality of 3D printed tanks look in comparison with other types:

Just a tiny part of my geeky lair. :)

Crusader and IS-2 on both ends for size/quality comparison.


IS-3- 3D print,
IS-2- Plastic,
M3Lee- Painted Metal
T-34-85- Metal

There is still a long way to go for 3D printing but its a start. :)

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