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WZ-111, китайская «щука»
friends, and you know that, after the Second World War tank fleet of China was a bitty pretty bunch of battered cars. Call it armored troops could be a stretch. Own tank industry in the country was not at all.

But China was at that time a great relationship with the Soviet Union. Asking for help from fellow socialists was heard. Began mass deliveries of Soviet military vehicles for the needs of the People’s Liberation Army of China. Under the banner of the People’s Liberation Army took over combat duty T-34-85, SU-100, IS-2 armored personnel carriers.

On their own

parallel Chinese designed and own tanks. Tanchiki commercials – took Soviet tanks and dressed in camouflage Chinese. Reminds free games for girls dress up Winx . And you?

Heavy Tank WZ-111 began to develop around 1957 as a replacement for the IS-2. The influence of the Soviet tankostroitelnoy school project was enormous. The machine, which initially received the designation 111, and after reaching the test – WZ-111, was clearly designed with an eye to the IS-3. Marked forward streamlined tower frontal armor housing in the form of “pike nose”, sloping sides bronelisty – all as the “elder brother”.

Designers have considered several options for the main armament WZ-111: were offered 130-mm gun M46 122 mm D-25TA and 100-mm D-10T. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine which of the guns decided to stay, information about the project remains very little.

to production Chinese “heavyweight” and did not make it. It was built in only one case. Work on the tower until the close of the project has not been completed, most likely, the tank was tested, dogruzhenny ballast corresponding to the expected mass of the tower. Currently on the case WZ-111, located in the Museum of the People’s Liberation Army of China, established the design of thin metal, fit only to the inside of the tank did not get rain or snow.

victim of circumstances

Корпус WZ-111 в музее НОАК под Пекином. Вместо башни — металлическая конструкция

Why is this tank did not get into the series? There were several reasons. The development of heavy tank – one of the biggest challenges for designers, and while China’s industry and science were not yet so advanced as it is today. Heavy tanks are expensive to manufacture and difficult to operate. Chinese military customers could not miss the fact that in other countries of serial production of heavy tanks is carried out in a limited number, and the development of new virtually ceased. From the scarce information available about the WZ-111, it is known that the prototype suffered from a number of design flaws.

There is one more very likely explanation of this “bad luck” – the purchase of China in the USSR several T-54 and production documentation this tank. “Pyatdesyatchetvёrka” has burst, a well-designed machine does not need a long trial, and Soviet engineers helped the Chinese comrades in the organization of its production.

anyway, but as a result of the project WZ-111 “lay down under cloth “, along with other local designers operating time.

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