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Hello Warriors,

*sigh…* it seems I cant trust my kids while I’m gone for a day. Came back to them poking each other eyes!

World of Tanks decided to make an petty attack towards Armored Warfare and it kinda fired back in the comment section of their Facebook Page…

You call that a tank?#hellyeahtanks
Publicado por World of Tanks em Segunda-feira, 9 de Novembro de 2015

Armored Warfare joined the comments with…

I’m aware that AW has fired previous shoots with the Chieftain and Type 59 but I never commented anything on it as I had more important things to write about and to be honest I try to keep myself as neutral as possible and I was expecting WoT who is the oldest brother to be more mature to ignore and let it die!

Armored Warfare and World of Tanks please fight each other but constructively and you are grounded for a week! No dessert after dinner and that trip to Disney Land I promised is cancelled! Back to your rooms!

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