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Yuri Pasholok answered a few more historical questions related to World of Tanks and other stuff for the FTA VK blog:

– GW E-100 and E50M are Wargaming fakes but the Jagdpanzer E-100 was actually a real project – specifically the one with rear superstructure. The frontal superstructure Jpz E-100 (“Krokodil”) is a fake. The ingame Jpz E-100 model has a wrong exhaust system (which is supposed to resemble the Ferdinand and not the Jpz E-100 – specifically the exhaust pipe should be in the niche over the suspension in the are around the fifth roadwheel);
– Yuri Pasholok is planning two books: one about IS (from KV-13 to IS-2M) and one for land cruisers (foreign and Soviet ones). The second book looks interesting but it’s not only about the tracked supertanks but also about such wheeled projects (RG: Do want!);
– “Stalin’s Balls of Steel” book about Soviet proposals for “rolling” tanks is based only on info found by Yuri Pasholok (his own research);
– Italian branch tier 10 can be an “italianized” Leopard 1 (bought from Germany), possibly with autoloader (Italian project).

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