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Yuri Pasholok, Wargaming’s chief historical advisor, answered a bunch of player questions (mostly about real life tanks) – here’s what he said:

– YP doesn’t know whether Mausturm II is planned for Maus in the game. In theory, it’s possible to fit several turrets to it but the problem of the vehicle is the gun, not the turret, specifically the lack of normal 149mm L/37 or L/38 gun, that was planned for Maus until Spring 1943. WG did not task the historical department to find alternative Maus turrets.
– many soldiers in WW2 called the tanks by different nicknames (for example Yuri Pasholok’s grandfather defended Leningrad and called the T-60 and T-70 “bugs”)
– when IS-3 was designed (1945), the 88mm PaK 43 could penetrate the roof of the hull around the driver’s hatch. The vehicle was however vulnerable to 128mm shells, that’s why the IS-7 project was started (to remove such vulnerability)
– the Ho-Ri TD is a real model (mockup) from archives

– Panzer III/IV was planned historically with 75mm L/48
– apparently the T-22 Sr. hull was too small/cramped to put all the crewmembers and modules inside it, that’s why the project didn’t go forward
– in 10 years, the Germans changed their base tank color 4 times, while the British changed it 3 times and there was a period when they had two of them. Yuri Pasholok however is not convinced that WoT needs so many base colors – that’s why one was selected so that each nation is easily identifiable
– there were some text hints in documents that something like FV215b existed and the WG creative department took care of the rest
– regarding the way the British evaluated the Churchills during the fighting in Europe – the fact that most of them were III to VI variants did affect the evaluation
– the main issue of the German super-long 88mm guns was not the barrel itself, but the mobility
– the archive documents do mention the 17cm gun installation in the Maus – they also mention that in such a case the turret could not rotate (Jagdmaus)
– a SPG on Maus chassis was proposed, but it was never really designed
– Yuri Pasholok is not sure, but apparently one of the most unhistorical tanks in the game is Centurion Mk.I, it’s really overbuffed
– the most common captured tanks used by the Soviets were Panzer III and IV, the most common ones used by Germans were T-34 and to lesser extent KV
– E-50M does not need historical replacement
– there are candidates for alternative tier 10 French HT’s, such as AMX 50 and AMX M4 variants
– the 3cm aircraft gun on Luchs and Leopard is a fake, added for the sake of game balance

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