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Yuri Pasholok, Wargaming’s history consultant answers some of the interesting questions tied to real life tanks. Here’s a chance to learn about history with World of Tanks.

Yuri Pasholok, thank me later ladies!

– Object 142 is an unsuccessful prototype, a mix between Object 140 and T-54B

– This is the upcoming tier 10, “Type 2605”

 – From historical point of view its sketchy drawing appeared in some engine cooling document. The Japanese themselves have very little info about the Japanese heavy tanks. The only real drawings exist for the Mi-To.
– The fact that Leopard 1 in WoT has higher stealth factor than in real life is most likely balance-based
– The newest tank in the game is AMX 30B or STB-1 (Yuri Pasholok is not sure which AMX 30B exactly is in the game)
– Some German branch suspension module names are possibly not historical and were made up for game reasons
– There is a project of artillery Panther with roughly the same gun as the Brummbär had in the turret (some form of sIG 33)
– Ingame Panther has enough guns as it is, there is probably no need to introduce the autoloaded 75mm KwK 44/2
– The T26E4 Super Pershing name in the game is historical – at first the vehicle was called T26E1-1 and later it was renamed to E4
– Batchat 155 55 has American chassis but it was developed by the Batignolles Chatillon company and therefore it bears the company name
– There are no photos of M47-based BatChat artillery freely available, the vehicle is based on historical text description
– It’s theoretically possible to introduce Somua SM but Yuri Pasholok states the research should be finished for proper result
– T-62B with 122mm D-83 in the game? “That is a question for balance department”¨
– The “Model 1946” T-54 in the game (stock T-54) doesn’t really correspond to the real “Model 1946” as per Russian sources. That’s because it was apparently wrongly named but in principle it’s not such a big problem as the “model” (obrazec) convention doesn’t really have to refer to one specific vehicle and can refer to “any” T-54 from 1946.
– There apparently was a project to build a T-54 with the 122mm M-62 gun
– “Shashmurin’s IS-2M” is incorrectly named, it was an IS-2 modernization project with rear turret upgrade while the IS-2M is the IS-2 modernization program from the fifties
– It’s possible to introduce ST-II (twin barrel ST-I) if the game ever supports multi-gun mechanism
– The Sturmtiger with 88mm gun is most likely a fake
– IS tank program appeared as an alternative to the KV-220 (T-220)

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